Embark on the journey of adorable Penguin Dad, who sets out on an extraordinary adventure to save his beloved Penguin Family. This unique quest will take you into the magical world of classic games, where every pixel evokes memories of a time when retro-style games were the essence of entertainment.

❤️ Set out on a Winter Journey
This Sokoban-inspired game takes place on a board depicting arctic landscape, where you strategically interact with objects to navigate a path towards family reunion. As you take on the role of a guide to Penguin Dad, you’ll be challenged to conquer the obstacles and reach your family.

💛 Magic Frosty Power
Employ your wit and the Magic Frosty Power to move ice blocks and open new pathways. You will soon realize that with every step new possibilities appear. Careful planning and strategic abilities are crucial, as one false move can derail your progress.

💚 Solve Puzzles and Uncover Mysteries
The game is designed to deliver a relaxing experience, with easily understood rules. Numerous puzzles await, requiring strategic thinking and dexterity. The game progressively increases in difficulty and each level presents a unique challenge, with new mysteries and tasks, striking the perfect balance between challenge and fun. Make difficult decisions and unlock subsequent levels.

🤎 User-friendly Gaming Experience
With intuitive controls and touch-responsive interface, the game is easy to navigate through. Retro-style pixel-art visuals and harmonious music work together to make your gaming adventure enjoyable. Easy to understand tutorials and instructions are included to jump start your game experience.

💜 Hours of mind bending fun
Your primary goal is to liberate the penguin family. Slide ice blocks, conquer watery obstacles, locate keys, and unlock gates to reach your loved ones. The ultimate reward? The sweet satisfaction of successful penguin family reunions.

Download and play for free. 22 unique levels are waiting for you. All of them include logic challenges of varying difficulty. Check if you’re ready for the winter adventure of a lifetime! So, Boontz!

🧡 Information
Content rating: PEGI 3
Android version: 7.0 and higher
Price: free, contains ads
Size: ~16MB
Download link: Google Play
Privacy Policy link: Privacy Policy

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